Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Delectable Cupcakes by Su

delectable adj. beautiful; giving great pleasure

It’s been a long while since I savoured my last cupcake, and how timely for me to stumble across this shop called Delectable via Masak Masak when I was dreaming of yummy cupcakes. The blog gave high regards to Su’s lovely creations, and since she just opened a shop in The Gardens, Midvalley I decided to drop by for a bite.

The shop is not really a bakery. It’s more of a showroom for Su to display her magnificent creations as I understand she caters more for projects rather than selling cakes. They do sell limited quantities of cupcakes, brownies and other desserts.

I was greeted by a chirpy young lass who started introducing me the cupcakes the minute I inquired about them. There are three flavours, each with their own name : Teddy, Lulu and Joe. Within a few minutes I ordered one of each to satisfy my cupcake cravings. Damage to pocket? RM27 (Yeah, it's RM9 per cupcake!)

Presentation-wise, Delectable cupcakes certainly take the cake (no pun intended!). Check out the cute teddy bears and bunnies, plus the detailed ribbon decoration. Totally Wow! I also had to do the measurement comparison (similar to what I did to Cupcake Chic and Cuppacakes). The cupcakes came up to be approximately 3.5cm in height, and 5cm diameter, which if I'm not mistaken is the same size as Cupcake Chic. One thing good is that the cupcakes were not loaded with tonnes of cream on top, so I don't have to scrap them off and feel cheated somehow.

I tried the pink one first. I guess it's meant to be Lulu but without the lamb on it. It's basically vanilla but I love how they surprise me with a kick of tangy lemon inside. Next is chocolate Teddy. That's got to be my favourite - Totally dense, yet full of rich cocoa goodness. Joe is last. I felt sorry nibbling on its ears though. It's supposed to be ginger flavoured but can't taste much of the ginger inside. I love how the cream/icing is well balanced with the cupcake, and most importantly, it's not too sweet for me! So no more scrapping off the icing just to eat the cupcake! Taste-wise, it clearly beats Cuppacakes hands down, and is slightly better than Cupcake Chic.

Despite the hefty price tag (for me at least) I was certainly delighted with the cupcakes. They definitely satisfied my cravings that day! I hope to be able to drop by one day to try out her other goodies. Here's wishing Su and Delectable all the best and I'm sure you can go very far in acheiving your dreams!

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lilium said...

My GOD! RM9 per cup cake! That's very expensive! But the most important thing is that it satisfied your cravings =)