Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Night of Unexpected Events

Last night was supposed to be a belated birthday celebration for Tham with the usual gang. Since the birthday boy requested to go to Jogoya, we made reservations and met them up in the restaurant itself.

This was my 2nd time to Jogoya. Apart from the fresh sashimi and oyster, I don't see anything fantastic about the place, except for the dessert counter. We went for many rounds of Haagen Dazs ice-cream and coconut water! Halfway throughout dinner, Link showed us her iPhone which she was forced to buy because of "company requirements". My dear hubby was so fascinated with the basketball game. To make it worse, Tham went to beat his record, so he was so engrossed in playing just to beat Tham's high score!

After dinner, Tham asked where should we go next, since we are already in KL and the night is still young. Apparently. We opted for two rounds of bowling at Berjaya Times Square. I haven't bowled for quite a long time, so it took a while to warm up, by which the two games already ended. It was crazy bowling as usual. The first round tends to be a bit more competitive, while all sort of antics came about during the second round, such as using two hands to roll the bowl, rolling the ball with your other hand, etc etc. It's great to have friends cheer for you when you score a strike or spare :)

Now came the unexpected bit - we then proceed on to Neway for karaoke session at midnight. Now I don't personally fancy karaoke, and had never gone singing with this gang before. Nevertheless, we thought might as well do something different and we probably will leave within a couple of hours time. Once in the room, Link kicked started off with Abba songs, followed by Taylor Swift's Love Story. We quickly chose some 90s hits from Boyzone, Michael Learns to Rock and Backstreet Boys to kick start the singing session. Surprisingly, Tham and Eric had a lot of fun singing, especially Tham coz he's crazy enough to change the lyrics and making fun of the MTVs. Next up is Just Dance by Lady Gaga, whom I just belted it out with Link. Tham did the rapping part which was totally hilarious since he haven't heard of this song before. SV was probably the quieter one coz I guess she usually sings mandarin songs and not english songs. The only Chinese song we sang was Michael Wong's 童話, of which only hubby and Eric didn't sing along becasue they don't understand mandarin. We also sang light-hearted songs from Sam Hui and McDull, not to mentioned making fun of Hanson and The Moffats! I wonder who else sings theirs songs now......

Probably the highlight of the karaoke session is the 'emo' song - I don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith. Here we have the guys imagining themselves as Steven Tyler, belting out the song the most emotional way possible - which translates to a lot of drama, wailing, screaming, shouting etc etc. Tham did such a good job so we played that song again as our last karaoke track. This time all of us took part and I think we brought the entire room down! Talk about a couple of hours, we left Neway around 3am!

I woke this morning with a sorethroat and migraine (not enough sleep) but the gathering was worth it. Will meet the gang up again next week for Skytrex and Transformers 2. Can't wait!

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