Sunday, June 21, 2009

Skytrex Adventure

Ever since I found out about Skytrex Adventure early this year through my colleagues, been persuading the usual gang to try it out "before we get any older". After making reservations in April and a couple more months of anticipation, we finally went to Bukit Cerakah yesterday for Skytrex Big Thrill adventure.

There were specific instructions given how to get to the park, and we needed to be there early. However, upon arrival, the bus wasn't there. After calling the organisers, they picked us up on a truck, of which the guys happily hopped behind to enjoy the fresh air.

The guys enjoying the view

Upon arrival and registration, we proceeded on to the gear area to be fitted with harness and safety gear. Next is the training, whereby the instructor will show us the basic rules and instructions how to attempt the various challeges within the Skytrex route. We only have three pieces of equipment with us - a pulley and two carabinas. We were taught how to use these equipment according to the challenges. Next is practice session whereby we get to apply what we learned during the course on a shorter track. How it works is that you are expected to be fully independant and remember the rules. No trainer to guide you how fasten the pulley or carabina because it's really easy. We were lucky to be first to start, as the other group had over twenty people in it.

The starting point

Check out the starting point! That itself is a challenge! It took me ages just to climb up that ladder! Lucky Tham was the first to go, so he was cheering me on while I was almost giving up. After much huffing and puffing, I'm finally up on the first platform!

Little people beneath me

From there on there's no more intense climbing involved, but that's where the other obstacles begin. Some of them are pretty straight forward like walking on a plank, net or zigzag. Some were more tough as it requires some arm strenght and balancing. Should you find it too challenging, there's always the 'chicken exit' which you can head too!

The zig-zag

I personally find the swinging cylinder tubes tough initially, but once I got the hang of it, it's pretty easy, just need to know how to balance myself. The one I sort of cheated was the gorrila swing, where you have to swing across from plank to plank. I cheated on that one because I was really too afraid to swing across the planks, even though it's safe. Have to give kudos to SV and Link for accomplishing it!

Easy tracks

The most fun bit would be the flying fox. We really look forward to that! The 2nd last obstacle was the Tarzan swing. I actually hesitated for a while coz it looks so scary, but once I jumped it was freefall all the way. To a certain extend I felt I was Spiderman or some stunt performer!

The gorrila swing and flying fox

It took us 1 1/2 hours to complete the entire course, and how glad am I to have both my feet on the ground once more!

Side note - It is recommended to check the condition of your sport shoes before attempting Skytrex. Hubby brought an old pair of running shoes and lost both the soles along the track! You can say he left his 'soul' or rather 'sole' back in Bukit Cerakah!

The people in Skytrex and generally very friendly and helpful. They also keep their distance from you when you are attempting the challenges as not to obstruct the fun. However, if you really need help you need to shout real loud and then they will only come. Else, they'll leave you alone to figure out how to untangle yourself, which I guess is part of the learning and discovery.

On our way back, we boarded the bus whom the bus driver was very chatty with us. He even gave us tips how we should climb up the tree - which is to bend your body like a monkey so as to lessen the pressure while climbing. Good tip if he had told us earlier!

Overall, I'm glad we went for Skytrex knowing for the fact some of our friends are afraid of heights, yet none of us chicken out from the tracks! Tham's already asking us when is the next time we tackle Extreme Challenge. I guess not so soon as we are still recovering from body aches!

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