Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers 2

Just came back from watching Transformers 2. Thanks to Link for buying the tickets!

The story continues 2 years later where Sam enters college. But before he can even get past the first week in college, he has to once again taken into adventure when the Decepticons return to look for him after he accidentally touched a fragment of the Allspark and gain further insight of the ancient origins of the Transformers. Not only that, we see the essence of bravery and courage of both Optimus Prime and Sam when they try to protect and save each other.

It was a great action movie altogether, lots of eye candy (from both the Transformers and Megan Fox for the guys). I reckoned the storyline isn't too bad nor cheesy too. However, just a couple of rants :


  • Towards the end scene in Egypt where Fallen was on top of the Pyramids waving his staff, he looked like Saruman from LOTR.

  • Why they made Devastator looked so clumsy? I was dissapointed to see how it turned out on screen.

  • The scene where Sam found the Prime's burial place in Petra reminded me of the last part of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Is it because of the Steven Spielberg connection?

Overall I give it 8 out of 10. Looking forward for more to come!

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