Saturday, July 04, 2009

Money's Warfare

Ah, finally!

It took me more than one year to finish off this K-drama Money's Warfere. One reason was that I couldn't find any links to watch it since Veoh was not made available in Malaysia anymore. Secondly I didn't have the time due to wedding preparations. Thanks to Li Li's recommendation of mysoju (yes, I remembered!) I decided to finish off this drama once and for all.

What made me had interested in this drama even after such a long hiatus is the intriguing storyline and a great cast. The story is about a man called Geum Na Ra (played by Park Shin Yang) who became a moneylender after witnessing how his parents became victims by loan sharks. He met Seo Joo Hee (played by Park Jin Hee) while trying to collect her debts during her wedding. Joo Hee was supposed to marry off to a rich guy to settle her family debts. Joo Hee wanted revenge for ruining her wedding plans, but ended up falling for Na Ra instead. Na Ra works for a ruthless moneylender called Ma Dong Po, whom Na Ra eventually outsmarted and took Ma's money as his own. He faces off with Ha Woo Sung, a ruthless and ambitious moneylender, and protege of Madam Bong, whose granddaughter Cha Yeon used to date Na Ra until he was forced by Madam Bong not to see her in exchange for money to repay his father's debts.

I have to say the 3/4 of the drama was really fast paced and got me hooked to it, wanting for more. However towards the end it sort of lost some steam due to the awkward plot on Blue Angel's acquisition. I was already forewarned about the abrupt ending, so when it happened it was kind of sad, but once I think about it, the phrase "what comes around goes around" fits the drama conclusion. I can understand many people were upset with the ending, but it is not as ridiculous as the ending for Lovers in Paris (also starring Park Shin Yang), whom to me still hold the dubious honour for having the most stupid ending in a high rating K-drama.

Another interesting point I picked up throughout this drama is the strong message about money. I'm not sure if it's excellent fan subbing, or really reflect the essence of the story, I leave you with some of the more prominent quotes in the drama.

"From my perspective, there are two kinds of loan sharks. One is someone like me busy running around repossessing my claims. Second is someone like you who sits around and thinking about swallowing money from others"

"Don't you get it? One's life or death is manipulated by money"

"Men only leave behind painful scars. Money leave behind interest"

"It is not the person that lies, but the money that make him lie"

"You can't do this job. If you want to survive, you need to throw away things like a heart"

"If you keep pitying those type of cheap people, sometimes you'll be the one ending up dying because of these type of people)."
"You know people will throw everything away including their family, but can't throw money away"
"It's very easy for someone to get blinded by money. If you get dragged by money, from that moment on you lose yourself."

"Don't mistake the difference between sympathy and moral acts. At times showing no sympathy may be the best way"

"Money that was earned without real effort will disappear in a matter of seconds."

"Do you know why money is dirty? It's because at times you must hold hands with those that you don't accept"

"What's your goal in life?"
"We have the same goal"
"Our Sense of money is not the same"
"Money changes depend on whose pocket it is in"
"Don't think of me as the same as you, you greedy bastard"

"You only trusted money in this world and that money judged you instead!"

"Do you know what the hardest addiction to quit is?
You can cure an alcohol, drugs and gambling addiction.
But addiction to money is almost impossible to cure.
Acquisition of money feels like heaven.
And loss of money feels like hell."

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Most welcome Yee Lin. Mysoju kept me company during my early months in London.