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Reception - 14th Dec 2008

This is just a narration of what's happened on the 14th Dec 09. How I feel about it, I'm going to mostly keep it to myself as I realised it's really hard to write this article about something that happened 6 months ago...

Also, I'll cover our song selection in a separate post.

We basically rushed to the hotel right after the tea ceremony. To make things a little worse, it started raining and Sunway area was having bad traffic jam! We were entitled to a night at The Villas, which is located next to the hotel. To wait for the shuttle transport took us another 20 minutes. By the time we stepped foot into our suite, my make-up artist Cynthia has already arrived. I did not have the time to shower, but she's very skillful so she did another makeover for me even though I didn't wash my hair.

Patrick and his team came a bit later to start taking some portrait shots of us. Due to the rain, we were restricted of the locations to take photos and had to settle for within the suite instead. Many shots later, it was time to head to the hotel for the reception.

While hubby was out greeting guests, I stayed in the special room, waiting for time to pass. I had to admit that during that time, I was trying to calm my nerves. Luckily most of my cousins were in the room, so we had a nice chit-chat, even taking group photos when Patrick was in the room with us.

The next thing I knew, it's already 7:30pm. Time for me to make my move. Outside ,I managed to take a few group photos with so-called 'latecomers' who were mostly my colleagues! LOL.

8:15pm - We were on standby mode outside the hall. We can hear our emcee talking, and then the childhood video was played. Next our entrance song was played. The flower boys and girls took their positions and slowly walked towards the stage. On cue, we slowly walked in to the applause from our guests.

I seriously only remembered a lot of clapping, the lights, and people looking at us. Most of time we were concentrating on walking the correct direction, and especially going up the stairs for the cake cutting. As I feared, my skirt got caught on my way up, hence we slowed down a little bit. Luckily the guests didn't really realised it as they were too far away from the stage. We spent a litte bit of time on the stage with the fake wedding cake as the photographers wanted to take photos of us. Then we slowly proceeded down and took our seats.

Next is food presentation. Hubby already wanted something dramatic and Sunway Hotel had that option - The main course served by a lady on a sedan with matching music selected by Hubby. I thought the lady felt a bit uncomfortable with the attention placed on her, and especially when she had trouble getting down from the sedan. Nevertheless, she did her part well by presenting us the main dish.

The the emcee introduced our selected band for the night, M3 Trio, who then proceeded with the first song - Songbird by Kenny G. The dinner has officially begun. I only remember eating the first entree and then the bowl of sharkfin soup. After that, it's time to rush out to change into my other evening gown with my cousin Janet's help.

When I got back, Hubby was already into a few drinking sessions with his colleagues. I mingled around the tables of my colleagues, but not for long. Soon it was time for the toasting. We first had to gather our parents back to their places so we can proceed. Again I had to go up the stage with my husband, but with my 2nd gown it was easier as it was more flowly, leaving me more room to move around.

First was the popping of the bubbly (or in this case sparkling juice) and pouring the juice into the glass fountain (or whatever you call it). After taking a sip, next it was time for the toasting. Both side of the families were invited up the stage to perform the toast. As both Oto-san and DIL do not want to perform the toasting, the two sons have the honour of doing the 'Yam Seng'. First round of my BIL, next Ototo-san, and finally my husband. We were glad our friends joined us in the toasting with a lot of fun!

It's speech time. Now I know that hubby has been struggling to write a speech, but on that night he decided to speak from his heart. And how touching his speech was! I won't go into details, but it was a warm feeling to know that hubby really love me a lot, and I'm thankful to have him for the rest of our lifetime...

After the speech, we proceeded back to our place to watch the morning video. It was a well made video that captured the essence and key moments during the tea ceremony. The song chosen by hubby made it even more memorable. I laughed so much during the video that later when I looked back my face was quite pink from all the laughing!

We then quickly made our rounds to yam seng with each table. Firstly we went to my colleagues and church friends, followed by our friends. I guess I was quite mean not to have gone to my hubby's colleagues on time, as I know they will certainly made him drunk, and he can't go to other tables already (sorry dear).

Before we know it, it's already time to shake hands and thank the guest for coming. We said goodbye to friends, relatives, colleagues, aquaintances, adults, was non-stop hand shaking and chatting until the last of our relatives had left. It was then only we went back into the hall to join my husband's colleages, whom some had certainly wanted to bring home the flowers! After a few rounds of laughter and drinking only they left.

Just as you thought it was over, we still needed to head back to count the money to pay back the hotel. I think it was past 1am then we are able to take a proper rest, and consider the reception to be over.

I thanked the organising team from Sunway Resort for making our wedding day very special and memorable indeed. Aside from a few minor hiccups, everything went smoothly. I only wished we had more time to enjoy!

* All photos taken by Exes Studio *

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lilium said...

Hehe! Same ere. All I could remember marching in was..a lot of ppl, lights and concentrating not to trip. Also, SMILE!!! Haha!