Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sink or Swim (again)

I'm just two weeks on my new role.

Tonnes of open items to clear.

One resignation.

One just joined and now asking for job transfer.

High expectations.

Different expectations.

Too many people to manage - I have 15 for the record.

Many system problems.

Colleagues always ask me how am I, am I ok. I always tell them I'm still 'blur'

I can't be using this reason too long.

I'm learning, just not fast enough.

It's either sink or swim.

Swim, baby, swim.

No where you can go if you sink.

Unless I strike lottery or 4D.


lilium said...

I heard about your new role. All the best. It's never easy for a new change but just hang in there.

Kenneth said...

Hey hey ... congratz on the promotion?

I just got switched to manage another department too and am groping in the dark ... the Operation Manual is a fiasco. LOL.

I'm sure you'll find your level soon.

lemmonsea said...

Although I am not the right person to say at this moment. Jiayou Yee Lin! you are smarter person more than you think. ^_^ absolutely!!!