Thursday, August 06, 2009

First Glimpse of Reality

I had to admit when I took on the new role, I don't have a clue how complex it will be. I have heard a lot about the team - the sheer size of staff, issues outstanding, the pressure during the close, high staff turnover, and lots of crap. Yeah, no one told me how much crap there was to clean up in this team.

We're halfway through my first closing with the team, and the last half hour each day is basically a nightmare. Last minute requests for all sort of entries, stressed out accountants hastily booking in all their entries, manager keep asking for updates etc. According to my team lead, usually after the system goes down, someone will usually cry. And it actually happened this month.

During the month of July, I received a resignation notice. Then someone wanted to change teams. Then I found out that some of the staff that got transferred to this team had to be persuaded to do so. No one wants to join this team.

Another is having to deal with my manager and his expectations. He certainly had a different style but I find myself hard to meet his expecations. In fact, he's very helpful but I have loads to catch up on. Perhaps I need to have a talk with him after the close.

So why I got myself into this? I guess I have been out from my work reality for too long. I already have some projects in mind, but I don't think that's what my manager want me to focus on. It's a good learning experience but I just have to keep reminding myself of the positive and not get into the emotional negative self.

I wonder does anyone worked in such a crazy environment in other companies?


lilium said...

That bad?

n i l e e y said...

well, i was just ranting from a bad day, but how bad it is, it's really subjective, but I'm not kidding about the crap though...