Friday, August 07, 2009

Life after Marriage

Well, it's more than six months since we got married. Has life changed?

Yes and No.

Now that we are staying on our own, we certainly have all the time to ourselves. Initially, when husband was working late each night, I wasn't used to the emptiness in our home. Eventually I got used to it, but he agreed not to come back too late each night. He will notify me should he be staying late in office. Nowadays, I too work late so it's his turn to wait up for me.

Our weekends are spent doing things together such as shopping for groceries, or visiting a new place, or running errands. Initially we still do our own things individually, but as time passes by, something triggered us that we should be spending as much time with each other rather than doing our own things.

We argue on the pettiest of things (started by yours truly). How petty? You may ask. Let's say it relates to the unwashed dishes in the sink and changing bedsheets at midnight. Of course we argue about other issues, being the calculative accountants that we are. But it serves as a timely reminder that we need to find a resolution, and not keep it within our hearts.

Finances become a sensitive subject. Always before buying stuff, husband will ask "can I buy this?" I'll be scrutinising like crazy before saying yes. Same goes when I want to buy stuff. I've also become more 'si lai' by checking and comparing prices of milk and shower gel in the hypermarkets.

However, one thing I'm glad is that I'm able to spend time with my loved one. No more once a week meet up, not having enough time with each other. But I also remind myself do not take this for granted.

Only half a year, how about those who are together more than 25 years? I wonder what is their secret to a long lasting relationship?


lilium said...

I guess it is give and take?

Kenneth said...

He he ... changing bedsheets at midnight? LOL ... that's funny ... seriously hehehe ... :D sorry, sorry.

Not being in a marriage myself, I wouldn't venture to offer advice ... but you're two stable people that I know of and sensible to boot ... so I hope that things work themselves out eventually ya? ;)

One thing I had which worked in previous relations were - Never go to bed angry. Solve the problem itself immediately.

mangomoon said...

sweet :)