Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Wedding Vendors - The Card Designer

I consider myself a card person as I love making cards for friends. So when we set the budget for our wedding, I requested that we allocate a little more funds for a unique wedding invitation card.

It's a general perception in Malaysia that elaborate wedding cards are basically a waste of money because most guests will just throw the card away after the wedding reception is over. As a result, there are many vendors providing generic cards as cheap as RM1.20, which is usually the 囍 word or some dragon/phoenix designs. As I wanted a card which combine both western and chinese elements, it was quite a challenge finding a vendor who was willing to completely design a card based on our requirements. We visited The Wedding Card Shop along Old Klang Road, but I find their customer service and creativity lacking dispite having lots of designs templates. They also charge for every little extras.

I found DLEAU Creative Studio by chance. While looking back at all the nice wedding cards I collected over the years, I found a particular card that was different from the rest. It was stylishly designed and incorporated western flower borders on one side, and the 囍 on the other side. There was a contact number printed on the card. I called and came into contact with Deric Leau. He agreed to meet up with us to show his samples.

We already had a colour theme in mind (pink + green + ivory), so it was easier to discuss based on the samples that he shown us. Deric had a lot of ideas and was able to incorporate our requirements onto the card. In the end, we decided on a two card + our initials monogrammed in tracing paper, secured with a pink ribbon on top. Our envelopes had our names and reception date printed.

The spell check part was a little frustrating as there were a lot of changes needed on the Chinese template. Other than that, the whole process went on rather smoothly.

I was as excited a kid on the day I collected the cards. Ta-da! Can't wait to take a look at them!

There you go, a very western-inspired card with the monograms and floral borders, but the pink card behind is actually the Chinese version. The map is printed on the back of the pink card so it's considered an all-in-one!

Deric also helped to co-ordinate with Sunway hotel staff on our backdrop. As a result, our backdrop pattern is exactly per our card. How special is that!

I'm glad to collaborate with Deric on our wedding card, and am proud of the final product. Price-wise it is definitely not a RM1.20 card, but for the price we paid and comparing another friend's customised card (theirs is actually more expensive), I consider this worth every sen we paid for. Thank you Deric!

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