Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Wedding Vendors - The Photographer

Another chunk of our wedding budget went to photography. As we both do not plan to take pre-wedding photography, and since I opted for Pretty in White gowns, we decided to spend a little more on a good actual day photographer.

From how I see things, an actual day wedding photographer needs to have different skills from a pre-wedding photographer. Reason being a pre-wedding photographer may already be so familiar with the pose and lighting for the 'favourite' spots it become somewhat predictable or safe. Just go into any of the bridal studios and you'll probably see the same background or pose, only a different bride. On the other hand, an actual day photographer needs to know when and where to take photos because you are only given one chance to take the best shot. A few of my friends who got married earlier expressed their regrets of not paying more for a actual day photographer.

While at Pretty in White, I was introduced to the works of Patrick Low from Exes Studio (that time they were still based in the same space as PIW but have moved office to Solaris Mont Kiara). We found his photo style different and interesting. I also found out quite a number of my colleagues took up his services as well and had good reviews on his team. I had considered another two more photographers but in the end we decided to choose him.

Patrick and his team were very professional on that day itself. They made sure they capture all the moments from the minute they stepped into the house. Talk about value add, they will also suggest how should be the best way or position to take certain photographs. This is to ensure they get the best shots for us. They also do their best to fulfill our requirements, on certain pictures, especially from yours truly the Bridezilla! We hired a videographer as well, and because he was certainly a funny guy, we kept laughing while being filmed!

Most of our wedding photos in this blog are taken by Exes Studio, hence I didn't put in any photos in posting, it would be too many!

Patrick also has a keen eye for detail. He can capture the most unexpected shots that turns out to be so amazing when we saw it on softcopy or print. I know he had previously won many awards from the WPJA quarterly contest, but never expected myself to be part of his winning shots as well.

This was taken during the morning, after I had finished having my make up and hair done. For about an hour I was sitting on our rosewood dining chair, not realising that the chair pattern became 'embossed' to my back. Immediately I got up from the chair, Patrick asked me to hold still while he captured the winning shot. I still laugh out loud seeing this picture, it brings back good memories, not to mention a reflection of my character as well :)

Thank you Patrick and team for capturing the wonderful memories of our wedding!

Exes Studio

The Professional Gallery
Suite J-8-12, Jalan Solaris,
Solaris Mont' Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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did u upload ur wedding pictures? i would like to take a look at their work . thanks .