Monday, August 24, 2009

Pixar's Up

I have faith in Pixar.

Year after year, I look forward to their animations and each time they do not dissappoint.

There comes to a point in time I don't even know what the story is about, just go in an enjoy the ride.

Up is no different.

While I was attracted by those colourful balloons that carried the house around to South America, it reminded me of one of my post, also referencing to balloons. I guess there's a point in time we all wish to just float away on a balloon and escape.

However, the most touching part of the story is when we have a quick look at Carl's journey with Ellie. It made me take a hard look at our lives, are we living it to the fullest? I guess spending time together during weekends is a start, but could we go beyond that?

Maybe it's time to relook how we wanted to spend our lives for the rest of our journey before it is too late.

Carpe Diem indeed.

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ChinoDevean said...

I'm still flabbergasted at that 5-min sequence... it's like an idiot's guide on how to make people cry in 5 minutes. Simply one of the best Pixar's yet!