Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Wedding Vendors - The Makeup Artist

Do you know one of the items I was so stressed about is selecting the correct make up artist?

Not exactly 'blessed with good looks', and having heard and seen some bridal make-up gone wrong (pancake face anyone?) , I was being very cautious of who I wanted to hire as my make up artist.

Having surveyed and after a few rounds of trial make-up, I finally settled for Cynthia Lim from Wedding Isle. Cynthia came highly recommended from one of Oka-san's friend's daughter, and I like her portfolio on the web.

After showing her photos of my wedding and dinner gown, we quickly discussed on the hairstyling and make-up. Since I will be wearing my bridal veil during our church ceremony one day earlier, I opted for a birdcage veil for the tea ceremony for a change. She even added a flower clip on my hair on the day itself, something I didn't expect but it was what I wanted all along! Malaysian brides don't usually have this type of style, they prefer fresh flowers over their veil. I was very inspired by Twigs & Honey, so this hairstyle was something like a dream come true :)

For dinner, I wanted some flowers on my hair for a romantic look, so she recommended me to get some additional eustoma from M'ng. She also included some sparkly pink clips on my hair to complement the crystal beads on my dress.

Here are some of the photos :

{photo credits : Exes Studio}

Words can't express how much I love the end result, and complements were flowing in throughout the day and night! Now I understand why they have a term called 'Blushing Bride!' :)

Thank you Cynthia for the excellent job!

Cynthia Lim
H/P : 019-2168980

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Elaineganmaclaine said...

stumbled upon your blog... I too had cynthia for my wedding, love her skills and professionalism :)