Friday, October 02, 2009

Our Wedding Vendors - The Band

We didn't really plan on getting a band during our wedding dinner as we deemed in a little noisy and distracting (based on some previous experience). However, since Oto-san keep suggesting it would be nicer to have some band music, we thought might as well look for one.

And we found one during the most unlikely of places and events - our university alumni dinner at Carcosa Seri Negara.

There was a band playing that night, and throughout the night we like their music arrangement very much. After the night was over, I approached the band and took their name card. The band is called M3 Trio, and the leader Shawn plays the saxaphone.

We later corresponded with Shawn to discuss on the package and song list. I personally found it a challenge trying to follow up with him through email as he may not respond as fast as I hope he would be, hence it was easier to call him and discuss or follow up.

Their song choices isn't a lot, but it covers most of the popular songs, both English and Mandarin. If I remember correctly, they usually play around 25 - 28 songs that night, depending on the lenght of the song.

Hence I present to you, M3 Trio :

{Photo credits : Exes Studio}

As we didn't pay attention to the songs that night, we asked the guest how was the music. The feedback from the guests were generally good. Most of them enjoyed the song selection and performance. One of my uncles even went to request a song to be played! Some of them took business cards from the band. I hope through our wedding, more guest will get to know M3 Trio.

Oh, and one more bonus - one week before our wedding dinner, Shawn updated the songlist and shared with us. Guess what? They have Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours". That's like the "In" song that time so we chose it.

Below is a clip by Ototo-san on their perfomance of "I'm Yours". Enjoy!

Shawn and M3 Trio, thank you for the wonderful music and ambience created that made that night so special!

M3 Trio
Shawn Yong
H/P : 012 3310170

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