Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wedding DIY - Double Happiness Symbol

It is customary in Chinese weddings to place the 囍 or 'Double Happiness' sticker on the bedroom door. The word 'Double Happiness' is to represent eternal happiness to the wedded couple.

I never considered the idea of putting up the 囍 sticker on my bedroom door, simply I didn't like the very traditional designs available in the market. It was when I started surfing bridal websites such as Snippet & Ink, and Style Me Pretty when I became inspired by the DIY real weddings. Suddenly, I was determined to make something DIY and meaningful (to me, at least) that set my wedding apart from others.

I am not sure what led me to this idea of coming up with a 囍 signage on my bedroom door, but I certainly did it, and with a twist!

1) Find a nice 囍 word online, or design your own. Enlarge to the size you want and print it on red card stock.

2) Use a blade and ruler, carefully cut out the 囍 word till it's completed.

3) Choose a fancy scrapbook paper from the nearest craft store (I got mine from Papier Love @ The Curve).

4) Paste the cut out 囍 word onto the scrapbook paper. Allow to dry before putting it on the door.

5) Ta-da! All done!

It's a very simple project, but I loved the end result. To me, it was traditional yet modern, and definitely different from the rest. I even got Patrick to take a creative shot of it!

Photo credits - Exes Studio

Some people may not have noticed it on that day, but for Yours Truly, it is one of the projects I can proudly call my own, and I still keep it in my special Wedding Time Capsule till today :)