Monday, November 02, 2009

Grandma's Birthday Celebration

I managed to finish up my work and followed my family back to Kulai over the weekend to celebrate grandma's birthday. Grandma was in good spirits that day since most of us made the trip back for the celebration. Since it was quite hard to co-ordinate a chinese course dinner, we are celebrating BBQ-style instead.

Ototo-san and I had the 'privilege' of making muachi (or mochi) prepared by grandmother. She made one huge tub of dough, and had to use a stick to place the sticky dough into a plate filled with peanut powder. The rest was up to both of us to work it out.

At first we had quite a lot of fun coating the muachi with peanut powder + sesame powder + castor sugar, and subsequently eating them on the spot. However, as we progressed we became quite stuffed from the muachi!

Finally done!

Later during the evening, my uncle set up three BBQ pits - two conventional ones and one stone grill. There was a slight drizzle but luckily no heavy rain. Else no more BBQ! We had chicken wings, scallops, squid, mushrooms, prawns, live crabs, pork, beef and mini sausages. One quite sad scene was when my uncle started throwing the crabs over the pit, and seeing the crabs struggled but in the end they died a slow death as the fire eventually cooked them till their shells were red in colour. My youngers cousins squirmed when seeing it, but I'm not sure if they ate the crabs or not.

We had a lot of fun over the BBQ pit, taking turns to monitor the food being cooked. Sometimes eating them straight off the pit ( I know, 99% chance of sore throat)

Now what happened after the BBQ was this - It was around 10+ pm, and I suddenly felt very tired. I hadn't slept for the entire Friday night trying to finish up my work, and the fatique has slowly set in. I decided to take a quick nap, and informed Oka-san to wake me up when it's time for grandma to cut the cake. Who knows, apparently I went into deep sleep and could not wake up in time for the celebration! So in the end I missed grandma's actual birthday celebration! *SOB*

Below are photos grabbed from cousin Agnes' Facebook album. Looks like they had a lot of fun posing, even grandma took part!

Oh well, at least I made it back to Kulai, and that's what matters :)

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