Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More English Mix-Ups

I always have a good laugh when I see something that don't quite make sense. Here's sharing of a few more of my observations :

Case #1

One of my colleagues came back from Vietnam and got us this pack of dried fruits.

From the picture I can see there's nangka, banana and maybe some yam. I flipped over the package hoping to find more description but here's what I found instead :

Some kinds of fruits? What kind of disclosure is that?

And what's with the 'kinds'?


Case #2

I bought this mini steamer rack from Daiso @ The Curve. It is one of those shops that sells all sort of Japanese products for RM5.

Upon removing the packaging, I read through what's printed behind and found this :

I didn't know steamer racks can gain weight in the first place.

And what shape will it change? Oval? Square? Like one of the puns I always hear : "I am shapely. Round is a shape"

I'm mean, I know. But it's just too funny :)

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