Friday, November 06, 2009


It's raining as I pen down this post - I think the rain represents the tears in my heart as I received yet another resignation letter from my staff.

This is the third letter since I came on board in this team. The first one came almost immediately but we were able to salvage it by transferring her to another team. The second one came last month, a non-performer.

This latest one came as a blow, not because she resigned, but the fact that I've been trying very hard to help her in hope that she will stay. She joined 6 months ago, fresh from university. She struggled through her work the initial months, but in the end it was her own lack of confidence and -my opinion - a certain degree of time management that led her to this decision.

Now, as a manager, should we be holding on this person and commit to groom and see this staff through? Or should we just give up and say "This is her own problem, she will have to manage it herself". I feel like I want to help her, but again I'm torn. What if I do my very best to help, but in the end she really can't change? Would it be my fault then, my failure as a manager? Or it is her own doing?

I ask myself this question - so what if this staff represent my kid, do I just let my kid go and rot and figure it out herself? Or should I as a parent help her get through it? Or am I just thinking too much since she is not my kid in the first place? I'm sure she's also feeling the heat from her parents. Which parents want their kids to suffer at work? Oka-san always pray for us that our work will be ok, and we don't have to suffer so much in the long term.

So what is my role as a manager, and have I failed in my responsibilities here? It's already demotivating to manage the team and its expectations (high workload, high complexity, so-so morale, understaffing, demanding bosses), I am sure will be even worse for the team if this resignation is confirmed.

I'm lost. I'm stuck. What am I supposed to do?

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lilium said...

Sigh..if u have done ur best and it's her who is giving up on her own, there is nothing u can do. I think managing staff and children are 2 different things.

I am not sure how to describe the differences. When the time comes when you have children, you will know what to do? Hmm..=)