Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell, Greedy

2009 is coming to and end, and I was reminiscing over the event that took place during the year. There were the good, the bad, the happy and sad. But none other came close than the passing of my hubby's family dog Greedy on the 19th Dec 09.

Greedy was adopted by my hubby (then friend/boyfriend) when someone found her left in a box near our high school entrance. That time I remember she was just a little puppy infested with fleas. If I'm not mistaken one of our schoolmates cleaned her up before passing it to my hubby. He named her Greedy as she wasn't eating much during her puppy days, and he hoped the name will help her appetite.

Turns out it did more than just improving her appetite. Soon, she truly lived up to her namesake. She ate almost anything that we humans ate - fried chicken, sausage, cake, ice cream, chocolate - till the extend she refused to eat dog food, and had to be coaxed into eating dog food by putting some of our human food in her dish bowl. Alas, it was all these 'good' food that led to her various sickness in her later years.

She had a womb infection which later saw her womb being removed. She suffered from fits for a period of time. During her last couple of years, she had a growth near her mammary glands, and later found to be suffering from cancer. Despite all that, she fought on, refusing to give up or let go. My hubby always called her the survivor. Else, h0w else she can live for 14 years?

I remembered the first time meeting Greedy. I was chased by dogs and was rather apprehensive, and she can sense my fear as well. So she barked non-stop at me, even when she's chained. At that point of time I was certain I didn't want to come face-to-face with her again that time. I did buy her in by offering her a sausage bun when I visited her the second time. I guess the saying of food being the way to someone's heart holds true to Greedy.

Though not very street-wise, Greedy is a very clever dog. She knows who can say yes, who pets and plays with her, who has the right to punish her. She would always come to me so I can pet her. She loved taking car rides, and would sometimes take the opportunity to get into my hubby's car whenever she had the chance. She also have a penchant for chasing cats, as a result of seeing a cat eating her food once. I remember following my hubby and her for evening walks, all she looked for was cats. And I guess she enjoyed just scaring cats by standing there, not even close to chasing them.

I also enjoyed seeing the different expressions through her eyes. She's got her sympathy eyes, angry eyes, "it wasn't me" eyes and so much more. It's a wonder to imagine that even a dog has its own emotions. I remember she was angry at us during our wedding day, I guess coz she was forced to stay at one corner of the house and cannot move around freely like she always does. Her eyes was so fierce that day!

In recent months, her health deteriorated due to the cancer and her tumour. Just a month ago, she was so weak and unable to walk, partly due to some wounds on her legs that were taking forever to heal. That time her eyes were still having that same spark and energy. However, right before our trip, we went back to visit her and found her drastically different. She was skinny, and her eyes shone no more. We knew her end was coming soon.

She passed away on a weekend morning when we were in Hong Kong. My hubby received a call from my MIL, and immediately I knew. Luckily we already have a burial spot for her so by the time we came back and visited her grave, it was already nicely covered up. I guess I never had a chance to say goodbye, so here's my wish for Greedy :

You lived your life to the fullest, surrounded by love. May you find your joy and peace over the other side of the world, filled with your favourite food and cats you can chase after for the rest of eternity.

We miss you Greedy.

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