Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Meaning of Wealth

Attended this fantastic course over the weekend, and it opened up my eyes and mind on what exactly is wealth.

I had always associate wealth with money and possessions, and it's bad to have luxuries in life.

However, now I realised being rich not necessarily means being wealthy. Being wealthy is really about abundant flow of resources to do more.

This article "The Illusion of Money" clearly defines what exactly is wealth, and what we should be aiming for in life.

It made me reflect of Oto-san's life. Now I realised he is already wealthy. He is able to enjoy the fruits of early retirement not because of his planning for the family, but also he is able to draw the line of how much is enough.

With this paradigm shift, I must continue to find ways to add value in what I do, so to be wealthy and enrich not just our lives, but others as well.

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