Saturday, January 02, 2010


Everyone's talking about Avatar, especially the 3D version. However, hubby and I watched the 2D version instead.

The story is pretty straightforward - Guy gets to go to Pandora, guy gets an avatar, supposed to gain N'avi's trust but at the same time spying. Guy acted too smart on assignment and got lost in Pandora. Guy meets NĂ¡vi girl, falls in love, and decide to fight against humans, protect their land. Guy wins battle, live happily ever after. Or something like that.

The special effects is a different story altogether. All I can say is "Wow!". Never I've seen such great effects being used during this movie. James Cameron was wise to set this in a jungle, which give lots of opportunity to introduce us to out-of-this-world flora and fauna. I loved the mushrooms, and especially the night scene whereby the plants emit or reflect light. Even the animals were elaborately designed, though I guess most of them were inspired from dinosaurs or other creatures from the prehistoric era.

However, a couple of things bothered me. I think James Cameron drew inspiration from a few other sources, most notably Laputa. I can't help but make the comparison of the floating mountain scene. Original? Hardly. Looks good? Definitely.



I applaud this as one of the best movies in 2009, not sure if I will watch 3D again or not, but I think this will be in our BlueRay DVD wishlist!

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kenwooi said...

i havent watched avatar.. and i dont think i can watch it anytime soon.. perhaps DVD.. =P