Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 2 - Hong Kong Disneyland

We had only one destination in mind for Day 2 - Hong Kong Disneyland!

In the morning we took the MTR from Tin Hau and interchanged to the Tung Chung line in Central. We disembarked at Sunny Bay station and waited for the train to take us to Disneyland. When the train finally arrived, many people (including Yours Truly) squealed in delight. The train was a special Disney train with Mickey Mouse logo as windows. Sweet!

We quickly boarded the train and looked around. It had nice comfy sofas instead of the plastic chairs, and more interestingly even the handrails were Mickey's!

While arriving at Disneyland, it was just visitors and more visitors. So many people were taking photos like crazy! We were photographers for some couples, and got them to take photos for us in return. In fact, this post probably will be a photo post, unless there's some interesting observation in the photos :)

Looks familiar? It's similar to the ones in USA but this is definitely smaller scale :)

Ah, how I wish I can do that every day. However, if I do so in office, means I'm daydreaming!

HK Disneyland is split into three "lands"- Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland - plus of course Main St. USA. We spent most of the time in Main St,Fantasyland and Tomorrowland, either sitting rides or taking photos. I guess we didn't sit many rides as well coz it's either too kiddo or we didn't feel like it. Even after the Space Mountain ride I felt slightly nauseous, which usually I don't! (Signs of old age).

As for photo taking with Disney characters, we took with Mickey & Minnie, Goofy and Pluto. We didn't managed to take with Donald Duck as we couldn't find him. I think it's got to do me calling him Daffy Duck the day earlier while purchasing the entrance tickets. It was towards the late evening we found some people actually have their photos taken with Donald! Why??!!

One of the main highlights of Disneyland is the Christmas Parade on Main St. We were there quite early hence we got a nice spot to take photos as well.

Giant Mickey float!

Alice in Wonderland

Toy Story

Where's Donald?

Finally gotcha!

By chance we caught The Golden Mickeys performance right after the parade. It was a very entertaining performance, and we get to see most of the characters during the show.

There was also this 3-D (or 4D?) movie experience when Donald stole conductor Mickey's baton and got himself in all sorts of trouble. Reason I said 4D is that we felt the water splashing on us when Donald fell into the sea; we felt the wind when Donald was flying; and the funniest of all we see the actual Donald's bum on the wall when he was thrown out from the hall. Hilarious!

Later we proceeded to It's a Small World boat ride, of which we had to wait about 20 minutes before we could get a ride. Such long queue! The dolls looked very pretty and colourful but I thought it was a little too fast. Thought of taking the ride a 2nd time, but after considering the queue, I think better not...

The Disneyland experience would not be complete without some shopping! There were so many merchandise shops scattered around Disneyland, but we did ours along Main St. The shops were elaborately decorated according to the Christmas theme and was packed with shoppers. I got myself a baby tee and some souvenirs for my colleagues.

Last but not least, we witnessed the fireworks at Sleeping Beauty's castle. As we were busy queuing to get the photos, we didn't get a good spot :( Nevertheless, hubby was tall enough to take some photos of the fireworks. I thought the lighting were really, really nice. Changes colour all the time as well - there's the white and blue, pink and purple, yellow and orange, and one very colourful theme which somehow reminded me of Hansel and Grethal's gingerbread house. Did I also mention they gave us a hologram viewer in which if we wear it at night, we'll see very nice patterns on the lights. No photo though :(

Goodbye Disneyland, thanks for making me feel like a kid again. No wait, thanks for making me discover we all still got a place to express the kid in us. Hopefully to visit another Disneyland in the near future :)

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