Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 4 - Up The Peak

We checked out from L'Hotel on Day 4, and will be crossing over to Renaissance Kowloon for the next two days.

Prior to checking out, we went to Wah Jie for brunch. We saw many people queueing up on the first day, so it should be worth the try.

I ordered clear beef tripe koay teow soup, while hubby ordered curry beef tripe noodle. I'm no food blogger, but all I can say is that the noodle is simply delicious! Back in Malaysia we never had beef tripe noodle like this, and I actually enjoyed this dish very much, as compared to those in Malaysia. Hubby also gave praise to the curry beef noodle, even though the curry wasn't spicy. Two thumbs up!

After brunch, it was a long journey from Causeway bay to Renaissance Kowloon. Firstly, the cab took us to the Renaissance Hotel located at Central, then 'scolded' us for not telling him earlier. However he did send us to the Central Station as he said it's faster to get there by train rather than cab. After that, we had to carry our luggage (plus those Koi Kee bags) along the station, while figuring out how exactly do we go to Renaissance Hotel. Imagine our relief when we eventually reached the hotel!

After taking a much needed rest, we did the unthinkable - head back to The Peak located at Hong Kong Island.

Now most people would think that we were so crazy to travel from one side of HK to the other, when we could have done so while staying in HK Island itself. I know, I think it's just bad planning...

Anyway, being the last minute people that we are, we arrived at The Peak ticket counter to find the extremely long queue outside the building. These were the people waiting to board the tram to The Peak.

Just as we thought the queue outside was bad, the line inside was even worse - there wasn't a line to begin with. People just crammed along the tracks, waiting for their turn. It was around 40 minutes then only we could board the tram.


We had dinner at one of the fine dining restaurants at The Peak, then headed over the Sky Terrace to enjoy the HK night skyline. Again, we had to fight with so many more tourists for a good spot to take photos. To complicate things even further, night shots are tricky, so we had to take many, many times before getting a satisfactory shot.

Simply stunning.

After our visit, we boarded the bus back to Central station, only to discover Lan Kwai Fong was just around the corner! It was a Saturday, and the bars were super-packed, but we just took a walk around the area, then proceeded back to the hotel via train.

At least we managed to take a photo with drunken Santa in Lan Kwai Fong :)

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