Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paying the Price

In recent months, hubby and I kind of decided that we would not want to work during weekends. I guess the years of toiling non-stop has left us kind of tired and lethargic, also partly due to our age where we are no longer in our early or mid-twenties, hence lacking the vigour and capability to stretch ourselves physically and mentally.

Another reason was that we simply decided to spent time with each other, as well as doing our own things, be it individually or collectively. Our weekends are now spent at the gym, doing grocery shopping, watching TV, hanging out with friends, catching a movie, spring cleaning the house, having dinner with parents etc. Basically there is no time nor room for us to work!

Also, I've kind of stopped working during weeknights, especially after a tiring day in office. My nights are usually spent catching up on the Internet as my brain is just too tired to think anymore. Again, I guess it comes with age, and also my personal choice. Of course when it comes to the crucial time of the month, I tend to sacrifice my sleep by waking up early to work. It's tiring but that's paying the price for not starting on my reviews earlier.

I just got to know that my team will be subjected to Internal Audit :( Though preliminary stage, I know there's a lot of work that needs to be done, it also meant I would need to work extra hard during the week days. There is a possibility I need to work on weekends as well.

Now with me being so used to my current lifestyle, suddenly this commitment seems to be too much for me. I foresee not only I will lose my sleep for one month, but there will be so much added stress in my life that I've kind of forgotten how it feels like to be mega-stressed again.

Looks like I really have to pay the price this year :(

Hopefully the rest of the year after March will be ok.

Lord, please help me this time around. Pray I will survive this turbulent time for myself and my team, and we may enjoy our Chinese New Year at least...

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Lilium said...

Good luck with the audit. It's a PAIN..!!