Saturday, February 27, 2010

Altered Frame Project

During my younger days, I loved making greeting cards for my friends and parents. That time, I would keep any scraps from my other art projects in school, interesting patterns from magazines/catalogs, or other greeting cards as part of my stash to make my own cards. Till today I still have a small folder of what's left of my collection over the years since I no longer have the time and chance to make cards.

In early Feb'10, I came across Papier's blog on how to make an altered frame. This is actually the first time I came across the term "altered project". Teacher Jessy's posting was simple yet so inspiring, I knew I have to try this out.

Most of my materials can be considered 'recycled' or 'left-overs'. I had an old IKEA RAM frame which I was trying to find a use for it. This project would be perfect! The coloured papers , font stickers and pink flower on wire were all from my little card-making collection. The new stuff I bought were Prima flowers, brads from Making Memories Love Struck collection, and pearl embellishments. I used Mod Podge as well.

Presenting to you my first ever altered frame project!

Amour photo frame

Font stickers from Making Memories.
I used the word Amour as it means "Love" in French.
Sounds more romantic :D

Pretty Prima flowers!

I'm so glad I found a use for this pink flower which I kept for many years!

It took me about 3 days collectively to finish this, not bad considering I had such a hectic schedule this month, and I could only work on this project during the weekends.

Overall I'm satisfied with the outcome of my first project, looking forward to more whenever I have the inspiration and time :)


Mod Podge Amy said...

So pretty. I love it!

Anonymous said...

did u upload ur wedding pictures? i would like to take a look at their work . thanks .

n i l e e y said...

Thanks Amy!

Anonymous - I didn't share my photos and I don't intend to, but if you look around my other wedding vendor posts, there are some other shots taken by Exes Studio too which I shared. Hope that helps!