Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 5 - HK's Sights, Taste and (lack of) Sense of Direction

*continued from last month... *

On our 2nd last day - can be considered last day too since our flight is early morning - was spent free-and-easy, walking around Hong Kong, doing some shopping, sight-seeing, and of course eating...

We started our journey at Yau Ma Tei, taking a stroll while enjoying the morning scene. We were supposed to be looking for a Dim Sum shop but lost our way! Luckily we found it eventually. After that it was just taking taking a leisurely walk to Jordan while taking pictures of the specialty supplies shop around Hong Kong.

HK signboards aplenty at Yau Ma Tei

Baking goods specialty shop

Lots of Lap Cheong!

Tin Hau Temple

We finally made our way to Jordan, where I was eyeing the Australia Dairy Co. shop. I read about kampongboycitygirl's food review and I knew I must try it, as we both love scramble eggs very much.

When we arrived around noon, there was already a long queue in front of the shop! I guess it must be THAT good. We waited a good 15 minutes before we were given a spot at the corner of the shop with another couple. One thing we learnt is that we had to order fast, those people are very impatient! I already had some trouble looking at the menu in traditional chinese and having to convert them into Cantonese for hubby, and the waiter was pushing me for orders! Plus the fact i have no clue between 'spaghetti' and 'macaroni' in cantonese, and what the heck is 'scrambled egg' in their mother tongue! Anyway, I was quite relieved to find that we were being served scrambled eggs. They were just AWESOME! Can't get enough of them! I wonder what is their secret...

After lunch, we hit the Tsim Sha Tsui area for shopping. I was a little disappointed that most shops were selling winter clothing so I can't buy that much. Hubby, on the other hand was quite happy though. Later, we quenched our thirst with Hui Lau Shan's yummylicious Mango-Lo. Again, it was a long queue, and it didn't help that one of the patrons didn't claim their drink despite calling their number many times. It turns out to be a little boy holding on to the ticket without realising it was his order!

Right before dinner, we decided to visit the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars since it was right in front of our hotel. This is similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, except that it features all prominent HK artists, be it singers, actors, directors. We took pictures with some of the popular stars, including Sam Hui, Wong Kar Wai and Bruce Lee.

Now here's the second time we got lost. Remember I said that our hotel was just behind the Avenue of Stars? We took the Intercontinental Hotel as our guide as Renaissance was located next to it. Apparently, after the Avenue of Stars, there was another Intercontinental which we mistaken it as our reference point. We walked and walked and before we knew it, we had overshot our hotel by over a mile! It took us around 30 minutes to find our way back to Renaissance Hotel, but not without taking a few more photos of the lovely Christmas light decoration like below :

Upon reaching the hotel, we freshened up a bit then headed out to Mongkok to check out Ladies' Street 女人街 for souvenirs. Unfortunately we didn't find anything that is unique to Hong Kong. Most of them were key chains and fridge magnets. The rest of the souvenirs mostly originate from China, with no reference to Hong Kong at all. What a disappointment! I was so tempted to buy a fake Longchamp bag but decided not to in the end, save some money :)

It was around 10.30pm when we decided to head down to Yau Ma Tei for Four Seasons Claypot Rice, which we came across by accident the day before. Trying to save some money, we skipped the MTR (which was much faster) and walked instead. Now our legs were already quite tired, but we kept on walking anyway. We passed by unfamiliar territory, where shops were closed and few people were around the streets. Strange, I thought. Ya Ma Tei didn't look like this during the day. Anyhow, we eventually reached one of the major roads and looked up the road on our map to pinpoint where we were exactly. Guess what? Instead of traveling down, we went up north to Prince Edward instead! How could this be? We were following the map diligently all the way, the only possibility was that we took the wrong turn at Shanghai Street, which ultimately led us so far away from our original destination! That was it. Hubby quickly looked for the nearest MTR station and we boarded the next train back to Yau Ma Tei. So much for saving money.

We finally reached our destination, and was relieved that the shop was still open. We sat down, stared at the menu and ordered one bowl of chicken/lap cheong claypot rice, and duck omelette. The duck omelette was something special, the oyster being fused together with the duck egg and batter. It was really yummy though I didn't quite fancy the chili sauce with it.

I didn't take any photo of the claypot rice as we were both hungry, and the shop is closed for business by then. It was plain rice and the ingredients, we had to add our own soy sauce into it. Hubby didn't request for additional egg, but I reckon it will taste better with the egg.

Ahh...Schweppes Lemonade to complete our meal :)

(I didn't realised kampongboycitygal also blogged about this place, you may read it here.)

We quickly finished our dinner/supper and took the MTR back to hotel, spent another hour packing our luggage for our departure the next morning.


I am so glad to be able to visit Hong Kong again after so long. However this time we were more focused on sight seeing and not the food. Shopping was minimal as the shops mainly stock winter wear, not suitable for our climate at all!

Looking forward for our next trip this year! Where will it be?

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