Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Farewell Card

Another sad turning point in office this year was when I found out my dear friend and colleague Jess is leaving us. I knew Jess since 2005, and we've working together some form or another, providing the support when needed at work.

I came up with this simple card using scrapbook paper and a pack of stickers. A personalised card is always more meaningful than the ones purchased from the shops. The speech bubbles were printed out on fancy paper, then cut and pasted onto the card.

I purposely put in sad cartoon faces on the cover, to indicate we are sad to see her go. However, inside is full of happy cartoons instead, as we are happy she made the decision to go for the sake of her health and family.

Dear Jess, hope you like the card, and think of us always. We'll miss you!

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Lilium said...

Sad to hear that she left IBM. Hope to meet her in London.