Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Crafty Project - Decorated Container

I realised that when I'm stressed, I'll find different things to do. Usually it's Polyvore in the past, but now I dabbled in some simple crafts too. After last month's posting on my altered frame, I think it would be good to include my crafting projects in my blog as well.

Initially I wondered if I should put up my Crafty section in a different blog or retain in this blog but finally decided to keep it all in one blog as the though of maintaining two different blogs is already quite daunting, in view of my busy schedule. My resolution is to put up a 'crafty' post at least once a month. Let's see how I can move ahead from here :)


Now that Chinese New Year is over, and there's lots of plastic containers lying idle around the house. Usually we will reuse these containers but they just look so plain and boring. I found a simple way to 'spice up' these containers in less than ten minutes!

What you need
Empty plastic container
1 pack of cute stickers

1. Wash the plastic container to rid it of any oily residue and leave to dry.
2. Once dry, peel of stickers from pack and paste them on the outer side of the container wherever you wish.

There, all done. Too simple actually :)

I used my container to store mini chocolate bars so that I don't have to really wash it and the stickers will get spoiled. To clean the inside of the container I just use a wet cloth.

Can't wait to get my hands on other interesting stickers for this project! How about you?

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