Sunday, April 04, 2010

DIY Wedding Angpow Packet

I found this lovely sheet of patterned paper by Moof, and immediately thought of making a wedding angpow packet from it.

What you need :
One sheet of Moof wedding pattern paper (comes in two sizes, I took the smaller sheet)
One used angpow packet
Penknife and glue
1. Carefully tear apart the sides of the used angpow packet and paste it onto the cardboard.

2. Cut out the cardboard. This will serve as a template for the angpow.

3. Trace the template over the plain side of the patterned paper.

4. Cut out the shape from the patterned paper. You will get something like this:

5. Score the folded lines on the cutout paper using the blunt side of the penknife. It makes it easier to fold later on.
6. Fold the flaps, apply glue and stick them together.

There, all done now! Don't they look lovely?

Now who will be the lucky groom/bride to receive this from me?

* Moof is available in selected MPH bookstores and Papier Love, The Curve


Lilium said...

Interesting! Hope the recipients will love it.

saltvinegar said...

Looks great!!! Nice touch!

Caca said...

well done. these are so beautiful.

n i l e e y said...

Thanks Caca, you have an interesting blog too :)