Sunday, April 25, 2010

Garbage Enzeyme

There had been much talk last year about garbage enzyme, thanks to publicity given by the local media. I had tried 3 times, the 3rd one being most successful.

The instructions are really simple. All you need to remember is the ratio :

1 part brown sugar
3 part kitchen waste
10 part water

Put all in a plastic container. Seal for 3 months at a minimum.

Don't forget to open the container every day for the first month to release the gas emission. Else the bottle will rupture!

The ideal colour will be dark brown. Apparently there's no expiry date for this enzeyme, but be sure not to deeply inhale the fumes!

I covered my containers with an old hankerchief just to make it more airtight. I also labelled the top so to remember when can it be ready for use.

One tip : It is best to use citrus fruits to make the enzyme. I used one made of vegetable, it stank like crazy. The second one was a mixture of cabbage, passion fruit and mango skin, it still smelled weird, though not as bad as the first one. The third one I used mostly orange peel with a bit of lemon and grapes, the smell is the most pleasant of the lot.

There are apparently many uses for garbage enzyme. I use it mostly for washing and cleaning. I find it effective on the toilet bowls and the basin. Oka-san uses it for cleaning the windows and as a vegetable rinse. You can find more of it here.

Anyone else have other uses to share? How effective do you find this?

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