Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is Earth Day really effective here?

Today is Earth Day, so what are we doing about it?

I came to know Earth Day last year through Justlife's contest (won a bike but hardly used it coz it's too big for me). This year Justlife is organising the "I'm the One" green ribbon movement, but I am not able to participate due to work.

I give credit to Justlife for doing lots of activities to create awareness on saving the environment. There are one of the very few stores (perhaps the only one?) to not even have plastic bags for customer. Talk about walking the talk, Bravo!

Other than that, do we see other companies putting in effort? I bet not a lot of people are aware today is Earth Day. They probably would have only heard in via the media. I think Malaysians are not quite there yet in terms of environmental awareness.

Speaking on plastic bags, I found one thing amusing about us Malaysians - Selangor has implemented "No Plastic Bags" each Saturday to supermarkets and departmental stores. I was expecting more people to do their grocery shopping using the canvas or fabric bags, but surprisingly no. Now they just put everything into the trolley and then only transfer their purchases into the car. Reminds me of those days where the hypermart Makro operates similarly - no plastic bags. Well, as I overheard someone said "They think they can make me buy those bags just because they can't provide me a plastic bag. Well why should I make the bag makers rich?". Another typical Malaysian mindset.

Another observation is that while I see more people going to the market with the fabric bags, actually inside those bags are their purchases with plastic bags! Basically these aunties shop with the big bag to replace the trolley. So, back to the same question - what is the point?

Oh well. Perhaps we need to take step by step approach. Hopefully the young ones will lead the way as we simply can't hope for the old folks to change.

* In case you are wondering, I do carry a small fabric bag around, it is really useful and I don't have to worry on all those small plastic bags piling up at home *

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