Sunday, May 02, 2010

Let's Recycle!

We had been accumulating all sorts of junk at home for the past few months - newspapers, magazines,plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles etc. You get the picture.

Yesterday we decided to bring them to the Alam Flora recycling centre at Midvalley Megamall. We were extremely lucky to find a strategic parking location at B2, hence unloading the stuff was so much easier!

The garbage collector.

We loaded the recyclables onto the weighing machine and guess what? It was altogether 90 kg! The newspaper alone was 82 kg, can you believe it? We received RM15, enough to cover our parking.

Many people were surprised the lengths we went to clear the junk in our house. Usually people will now throw it away or just give to the workers. We don't have the privilege of a newspaper collector in our neighborhood hence have to do it this way. It's still a little bit of money, plus we were there for a movie as well, not just to discard these items.

Alam Flora recycling counter is located at B1 of South Court, Mid valley Megamall (same area as Metrojaya). Prices vary according to market rate.

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Lilium said...

Wow! 82 kgs of newspapers!!