Friday, May 28, 2010

New Dawn

Ever since the internal audit was announced about six weeks ago, my team's schedule had turned topsy turvy. Every day was meetings and discussions day in, day out. So many more things happened during the audit yet I just don't have the time to pay attention to them. Oka-san had been busy complaining about my crazy working hours (I leave office around 1 a.m on average), and I'm close to becoming Tare Panda's relative - we share the same rings around our eyes.

Just yesterday the audit can be considered closed, much to everyone's relief. While we discovered there's much improvement that needs to be done, I am thankful that I learned a lot during this period. Even more so, I have a new partner-in-crime now to help build up and stabilise the team for the next half year or so.

It feels like a new dawn, a new beginning.

Let's make it work this time around.

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