Saturday, May 29, 2010

"No Plastic Bag Day" - A Flop or Not?

Went out shopping with hubby at The Curve today. It was a "No Plastic Bag Day" in Selangor, hence naturally I brought along some shopping bags, in case we needed to purchase something.

Upon paying at the checkout counter, I noticed that whenever the cashier asked if they had their own bag or they wanted a plastic bag, the customer tends to just ask for the plastic bag and pay the extra 20 sen for it. There were still many people carrying plastics bags along, although I can't say it is all shoppers. Some of them were carrying bags similar to mine :)

Makes me wonder if the "No Plastic Bag Day" is really effective or not. Is 20 sen too little to pay for the price of convenience? Does all the proceeds really go back to the Malaysia Nature Society fund? Looks like the plastic bag manufacturers and retailers are the biggest gainers out from this!

Does the Selangor Government want to study this again? I do hope the community would be more aware what is the true purpose of this, instead of being in their usual 'tidak-apa' attitude again. Sigh... When will we ever learn?

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Lilium said...

We used our own shopping bags in the UK. We even have a big Ikea bag so we can put more stuff. =)

I think ppl in the UK use more of their own shopping bags.