Monday, June 21, 2010

My Water Moments

Dear Nuffnang,

I'm a 2006 model digital camera which was passed on from my previous owner to my current one Nileey. My current owner loves taking photographs, be it scenery, something funny or her crafty projects. I don't mind helping her to accomplish all these, after all it is my job, right?

While I know she brings me along everywhere, she also takes care of me. For example, she will quickly keep me inside her bag each time it rains, or if she's next to a pond or the sea. If she really wanted to take a photo, she'll be very careful not to drop me into the water (oops!) or basically not take a photo at all. This is where I'm frustrated : Because of her being too cautious for my sake, I can't take any nice pictures underwater or risk getting wet in the first place!

Here's one of my water moments :

I believe this picture above was taken as Nileey spotted some sea cucumber in between some rocks in Pangkor island. Unfortunately she could not get close enough to the sea cucumbers because she don't want to put my life at risk. Such a wasted opportunity!

Another of my water moments below is a close-up shot of a crab hiding behind some pillars next to the dock. While this photo is much better than the above, it took her a lot of patience, balance and prayer (that the crab won't disappear into the ocean) to get this shot. Noticed all the water around it? If ever she slips and falls, I'll be a goner as well!

So here am I contemplating how to keep my owner happy while maintaining my job satisfaction. After speaking to some of my peers online (hey, we have a digital camera forum you know, it's called Clicks, in case you are wondering), they recommended me to join this contest by Nuffnang so my owner Nileey could get this new Sony TX5 digital camera for free!

What is so great about the Sony TX5?

It is water proof, which means my owner could capture beautiful and clear underwater shots up to 3m deep for up to 60 minutes.

It's shock-proof, which allows some chance for the camera to survive if ever my clumsy owner drops it up to a height of 1.5m.

It is dust-proof, which assures that my owner gets spotless pictures each time, at any place.

It is temperature-proof with a tolerence level of up to -10ÂșC, which means my owner can bring along this camera should she wish to go for a skiing trip in Melbourne, or Aspen :)

The Sony TX5 also boast a Handheld Twilight and Anti-Motion Blur mode function, which allows the camera to capture clearer and sharper shots day and night, even at a high ISO setting or without using a tripod. This means photographs need not turn out like this anymore :

Did I mention this was taken during winter from The Peak? It was so cold then! Brrr... Nileey's hands were shaking so badly she had to prop me against the railing. So dangerous!

My owner would also love the Intelligent Sweep Panorama feature in this camera. With one sweep, the camera is able to capture seamless panaromic shots.

No more standing in one spot to take one photo while trying to 'link' three pictures just to get a panaromic shot. Most of them comes out quite disconnected too, can't blame me for that :(

Besides, who could not resist a camera that is 10.2 Mega Pixel 4x Optical Zoom with 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens. I'm only 6 Mega Pixel, feels so outdated now...

So you may ask, what about me then? Wouldn't I be afraid that my owner will ditch me for a newer model? Rest assured, I have other plans. I know my owner will still care for me no matter what. She is also a hoarder of stuff, so chances are I will still be used. Besides, Nileey's hubby can now have his own camera - me! I remember how they fought over me during their Hong Kong trip. Tsk tsk...

Last but not least, I know performing my job is important, but why take so much risk of getting wet? Let the new Sony TX5 handle it, it was built for more endurance and action anyway, while I plan my semi-retirement.

So what say you, Nuffnang, could you let Nileey win this Sony TX5 for my sake? Pretty please?

Thanks and cheers :)

Nileey's Digital Camera

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