Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Card for Oto-san

Recently I came across a fantastic craft blog by Cindy Lee, whose handmade cards inspired me to start thinking creatively while making cards. I love how she make simple yet beautiful cards using scrapbook paper, embellishments, lace and stamps. So pretty!

Since it is tradition to give Oto-san a handmade card during his birthday each year, I decided to try making a special card for him as the previous years I had literally ran out of ideas.

Got myself some scrapbook paper, paper lace ribbon from Daiso (love their craft supplies for only RM5!) and a strip of recycled craft paper to get started. After cracking my head for an hour or so, I decided on a design that would feature the border lace but still look generic enough to give Oto-san:

The fonts are printed on the craft paper, just the way I always like it. I was pleasantly surprised with the result, and am very happy how the card turned out to be.

Happy birthday to Oto-san, hope you like it too!

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