Monday, July 26, 2010

Tribute to Buffy

Vampires seemed to be the BIG thing nowadays, all thanks to Twilight. There are TV series such as True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, books such as Twilight for Dummies and fan clubs believing in werewolf and vampires.

I'm not quite following the trend now, having being there, done that through one of my favourite series of all time - Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I thought it is appropriate to pay tribute to such a fantastic show which kept me following it week after week for seven seasons!

The series follows the life of Buffy Summers (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) who moved to Sunnydale after burning a school gym, only to discover her school Sunnydale High is located right in a Hellmouth (a portal to demon dimensions that attracts supernatural phenomena to the area.), and how she battle endless villians, while making lifelong friends along the way. The series ended with Hellmouth being destroyed, leaving the survivors of Sunnydale a chance to live a normal life.

Why do I find Buffy such a great series?

1) Buffy Summers

The creators brought to us the many faces of Buffy - cool slayer, devoted daughter, caring sister, loyal friend, stubborn student, emotional and lost girl (as seen in her failed relationships with Angel and Riley, and subsequently engaging in a violent yet physical relationship with Spike, perhaps to fill the emotional void in her). Sarah Michelle Gellar did a great job portraying Buffy in a way we fans will always remember.

Did you also know that Buffy is ranked the third greatest TV and film character of the last 20 years, according to a recent Entertainment Weekly survey. Now that is really an honour or what?

2) Angel and Spike

If given a choice of a vampire I would fall in love with, I'd chose Angel over Edward anytime! While I always thought Angel and Buffy together would be perfect, but alas their romance was not meant to be. I was in tears after watching Buffy killing off Angel in the last episodes of Season 2, the scene was so heartbreaking! I will also always remember the track that was played - Full of Grace by Sarah Mclachlan.

About Spike, it took me a couple of season to really like his character. I always find his dry sense of humour entertaining, but ever since he developed feelings for Buffy then it made the how even more interesting. In the end, it was Spike who saved Sunnydale. I felt that sacrifice completed the entire Buffy series because he finally redeemed himself.

3) Friendship

Each season may be a little more stranger, but what's interesting is that the series is not just about the villian getting badder, it is also the journey of the Slayer and her friends. Buffy started out a a loner, then she made friends with Xander and Willow. Later she met her watcher Giles. Other friends came and gone - Tara, Oz, Anya, but her closest friends were those who stuck by her, through thick and thin. However, things are not always rosy. For example, one of the season's villian was actually Willow, Buffy's best friends. And in the end, it wasn't Buffy who saved Willow, but Xander.

4) Interesting episodes

Buffy's each episode may not always be about slaying vampires. I like how Josh Whedon experiments the characters and the storyline across seven seasons. In "Once more with feeling", the characters sang throughout the series, as if it was a musical. There's also the episode which Buddy met Count Dracula and how she almost fall for him. That was really funny, and I appreciate the fact that series does not take itself so seriously at times. Then there is also the story on Spike, and how he transformed from William the Bloody to what he is in the present day.

While the above are few of my favourite episodes, the most memorable has to be "The Body", whereby Buffy has to face the death of her own mother Joyce. It was a side where Buffy just could not do anything to stop it, being Slayer and all. It also showed the emotional side of Buffy, that she is human after all.

There are many more reasons why I think Buffy is so great, but I guess these four are the key to me. I would love to watch the entire series again given the chance. We'll see how it goes :)

Oh, and I simply love this video of Buffy vs Edward Cullen.

Sorry Twilight fans, Buffy rules!

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