Sunday, July 04, 2010

Washi Tape Project 1 - Necklace Display/Storage

I received my stash of MT washi tape from Japan back in April 10, took me a while before I could kick start on my washi tape projects due to work :)

My first project was to transform this Vaggis notice board from IKEA into a necklace display-cum-storage. I have kept my necklaces inside my drawers for way too long, and it's time they deserve a better place to be displayed, and for my easy access too.

FYI - The base of the VAGGIS board is made of cork, and comes with a box of thumbtacks.

1. Select a matching combination of washi tape for the frames. If you like it to the same pattern, you could do so as well.

2. Apply the washi tape onto the frames. Start with the two vertical frames, followed by a different patterned tape for the horizontal frames.

3. You may trim the corners of the tape to follow the frame angles. It gives a little more impact to the frame.

4. Start arranging the thumbtacks as how you want the necklaces to be displayed and pin them onto the board. If you have a hard time imagining, bring out your necklaces and start arranging them on the spot as well. That was what I did, and it took me a couple of rounds before I was satisfied with my display.

All done!

It is a simple project, took me less than 20 minutes to complete, with most of the time spent on the arrangement. I like it because it is portable as well. I can keep it in my wardrobe as and when required. Else I could put it next to my dressing table while getting ready for work.

What do you think about this project? Do let me know :)

(clockwise from top left) : rose pendant by mimpi murni ; pink cameo by Sze Accessories ; blue bird pendant by mimpi murni ; pearl necklace from Philippines; light blue glass necklace from Sydney; purple stone and black rope necklace from Korea; oriental beads and heart pendant necklace, both from Diva; turquoise choker by Axxezz; jade flower necklace from China; purple stone choker handmade by a friend; black semi-precious stone necklace from China.


Lilium said...

It's lovely. I would like to have something for my earrings.

mangomoon said...

the pearl necklace is stil the classic, suppose to match with cheongsam?

n i l e e y said...

Hi Chrispy, can be for cheongsam, or flapper style, it's very flexible!

Beebee Stickyricecakes said...

The masking tape that says mt masking tape on it... Where did you find it? It's so lovely!

n i l e e y said...

Hi Beebee, it came free with my order :)

Beebee Stickyricecakes said...

OH my ! Where did you order it from? Sorry for all the questions!

n i l e e y said...

hi beebee, i placed my order with my Japanese friend, who ordered it through the website itself.