Thursday, July 08, 2010

World Cup's Weird and Whacky

I haven't really been following this year's World Cup that thoroughly compared to the previous two rounds, but I do keep up with the news time and again. Not really the football news, but more also the weird happenings.

A couple which I find totally hilarious and out-of-this-world :

The Vuvuzela

What's bigger and louder than this year's World Cup? No it's not the WAGs, but the ubiquitous vuvuzela. The vuvuzela is a long plastic horn that produces a loud monotone. When played collectively it sounds like mosquitoes buzzing. You may not always see them, but certain you will not miss the constant droning of the vuvuzela in any game.

So many stories have surfaced about the vuvuzela : how it almost got someone killed due to the annoying sound ; how some lady almost broke her voicebox after blowing too hard; how this creation represents the low point of mankind etc, but mostly about why this instrument (if you may call it such) should be banned from future games of any form. The South Africans need not worry of not making an impact in this World Cup, the vuvuzela already done its job :)

Paul the Octopus

Want to find out who will win the next match? People do all sorts of things to get to that answer, be it via a medium or some fortune teller.

Say hi to Paul the Octopus.

Paul the Octopus is a two-year old common octopus with apparently a knack of correctly predicting the results of German football international matches. Before last night's semi-finals between Spain and Germany, Paul predict Spain will win. Guess what, Paul is right! It's record of predicting Germany's result during this World Cup stands at 100% accurate.

Interestingly, the only time Paul has made an error in the past was ahead of the Germany-Spain final at the 2008 European Championship. Paul picked Germany; Spain won 1-0.

Perhaps Paul is a Spain supporter?

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