Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jelly Misadventure

I decided to make some jelly after hubby mentioned that he missed having the jelly that my MIL used to make for him when he was young. It's just simple agar-agar with flavour and colouring. Also, it is one of the easiest yet versatile desserts for own enjoyment or to bring over for pot luck. However, the most tricky bit is always the measurement. How much water? How much sugar? I asked both Okasan and MIL, all they can tell me is that it is based on estimate.

Here goes for my first attempt to make jelly, lychee jelly to be exact.

20gm agar agar strips (I can't find agar-agar powder in Jusco supermarket)
1 can of lychee
1L water + lychee syrup from can

Here is the end result :

The jelly did set, but still a bit soft inside, but the taste is a different story altogether. I definitely need to put in sugar the next time around as the syrup is not sweet enough. In fact it tasted a little sourish. I also needed to cut the lychee into smaller pieces, else it tickles my throat when I eat them. It also looked boring because I did not add in colouring.

Well, this is first time, but won't be my last. I will try again with different measurement, but it won't be lychee jelly anymore.

Watch this space!

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