Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I got a bit tired of the pretty cupcake scene after a while. They may look good, but who's gonna eat all those fondant and cream? Cupcake Chic is still my preference for now... Until dear hubby introduced me to The Loaf's U hu! hu! mini cheese cupcake.

Apparently The Loaf's cheesecake is one of their signature products, and this is in the form of a 6cm * 4cm cupcake. We tried a few flavours, namely Mango Banana, Coffee Grinds Ganache, Oreo Crunch Munch, Raspberry Swirl and Pineapple Sweet Tart.

The verdict? If you are a cheesecake lover, this should appeal to you. I personally love the Coffee and Oreo cupcake, Strawberry is not too bad too. I find Mango Banana a little too cheesy for me, so didn't quite enjoy it. Hubby seemed to love them very much, I foresee us going to Empire Gallery pretty soon to get more of those cupcakes!

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ChinoDevean said...

I went to Empire last weekend - there's a quaint little cafe called Whisk, near Jaya Grocer.. they serve novelty cakes like Red Velvet & Hummingbird Cake. Will be going back there (probably try gym too) to hang at this place..

Oh and I bought this quite-awesome bread loaf from RT, which has a roll of ham and bonito flakes inside. And i thought i bought a plain cheese loaf (there was no label and I didn't bother to ask).