Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Mooncake Packing Factory

Ever since I was a kid, I always look forward to mooncake festival. Back during childhood days, it was the lanterns, and the traditional wire and coloured glass paper lanterns, mind you. Now, I just look forward to the mooncakes. Each year, I will order mooncakes from this particular vendor due to the corporate discount we receive.

Two weeks ago, we received notification to collect our mooncakes from the employee lounge. I eagerly went up during lunch time to avoid the crowd. Imagine my surprise upon reaching the employee lounge! Instead of boxes of packed mooncakes, the lounge has been turned into something like a mooncake packing factory. At one end of the room, the workers are there taking and verifying orders. Then we proceed with the middle section of the lounge whereby trays and trays of mooncakes are piled up according to flavour.

There are many more workers who will take the orders, pick the mooncakes and put them onto a huge tray. Once done, one of the few designated worker will then 'dump' the mooncakes into the huge chute of one of the two packing machines that was brought to the lounge. The machine looks something like this (see below) but comes with a conveyor belt.

It's amazing to see how the dump of mooncakes come out from the machine nicely packaged. Two more workers will then pack into gift boxes and handed it over to the buyer. The process was overall very efficient, similar to how it would be in the factory.

I inquired why this year the process is different, one of the salesgirls explained that the demand is overwhelming this year, so much so they had no time to pack the mooncakes. Those that was brought over were freshly made from the factory, hence we can be assured of its freshness. As I waited for my turn, I was just fascinated with the process, especially the packing of the colourful snowskin mooncakes.

Then I noticed that there was another stall located at one corner of the lounge. Not many people went there so I thought of checking it out.It was a stall selling jelly mooncakes! Jelly mooncakes seemed to be the 'in' thing this year so I was surprised this vendor has also jumped into the bandwagon, although it was not in our order list. However, they don't just make jelly mooncakes, they make Hello Kitty shaped mooncakes! How kawaii is that? There's also giant mooncakes (around 30cm diameter) for sale. Wow! We are so spoilt for choice this year!

As I decided to order the colourful jelly mooncakes, things around me started to fade. Next thing I knew, the alarm clock rang and I woke up. It was all a dream. A yummilicous dream anyhow, hope I didn't make anyone hungry :)

Happy mid-autum festival everyone!


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