Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rocking Ship

Ever come across a moment where you are in a rocking ship, but do not want to get out? The ship is the only place you are familiar with, and what lies beneath remains unknown, it could be dangerous but who can tell?

The ship is caught in a storm. Sometimes the waters come splashing into the ship, and you have to try your best to scope the water into pails to drain the ship and prevent it from sinking. It's gotten so uncomfortable, and you feel like jumping. Yet you are still on the ship, with the pails, looking into the waters, wondering how is it like in another place.

"Maybe if I jump now, another ship will come as rescue me" You thought. But how long do you need to wait? The thoughts come and go, and the storm seemed perpetual. You already gotten used to your routine, but the heart yearns for something else. It's gotten to a point when you find yourself thinking about it every other day.

So the big question is this : To jump, or to stay?

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