Sunday, October 03, 2010

Beautiful Bali, Stylish Seminyak

Hubby and I took advantage of the Malaysia Day public holiday + the weekend for a short getaway to Bali. We stayed at a timeshare resort called Seminyak Suites, a decent looking chalet located in Seminyak.

On our way to Seminyak Suites, which is located next to The Oberoi. See how narrow the road is? Don't judge this alley by it's looks. Located within this narrow alley are many private villas, costing at least U$300 per night! Two which caught my attention are Sekar Taman 2 and Bermimpi OGA/OGI private villas.

Seminyak is a more upmarket - thought less congested - area as compared to Legian and Kuta. The streets are filled with both locals and tourists out and about. One can find exclusive local boutiques and high-end spas as compared to the clustered souvenir stalls and cheap massage palours around Kuta. The atmosphere in Seminyak is much more relaxed, although it can be pretty quiet at night since it is more known as a dining area rather than a night club.

We spent the first day walking around Seminyak, as well as plan our tour itinerary for the next few days.

Here are some interesting shots taken in Seminyak :

I love the interesting design and architecture of Balinese door entrances.

Seminyak's shops has very hip names. For example, Indonesian restaurant Chandi is a wordplay of Candi, which means stupa in Indonesia.

Some of the eateries have even more unique design, such as this restaurant called "The Junction". We initially thought it was an incomplete building!

Never too young to appreciate Andy Warhol.

One can top up their motorcycle by purchasing a bottle of Absolut Petrol.

You can even find a money changer smack in the middle of nowhere in Seminyak!

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