Friday, October 15, 2010

A Day of R&R ; A Night at Kuta

After our disappointing trip around Bali yesterday, we certainly look forward to a day of Rest & Relax in Seminyak.

After breakfast, we hit the Seminyak Beach via Oberoi Hotel (who mistakenly though we were guest and let us into the resort, oops!). The beach was clean and beautiful, the sand white and glistering. Thanks to good weather, we saw quite a number of sun worshipers lying while strolling along the beach.

Beach bliss :)

Did Air Asia sponsor all those umbrellas along Seminyak Beach?

We stopped by one of the beach facing cafes along Seminyak Beach for lunch, before proceeding back to our resort to be picked up by the shuttle from Prana Spas for a spa retreat.

Prana Spa was our first choice in Seminyak after much research. It is a spa with a Moroccan-inspired setting. They offer a variety of spa packages, depending on one's needs. We spent two hours of massage and pampering. How relaxing!

The exterior of Prana Spa

After the massage and feeling rejuvenated, we decided to head down to Kuta via the hotel shuttle since it was complimentary service.

I think the last time I was in Bali back in 1992, I stayed in Kuta since it is the most popular tourist spot, perhaps due to more reasonable accommodation as well. When we reached Kuta, there were so many Asian tourists around, as compared to Seminyak. Looks like that's where all the Malaysian folks shop and eat, no wonder most of them are not familiar with Seminyak. We had dinner at a decent Chinese/Seafood restaurant, then proceeded to walk along the streets of Kuta and Legian while checking out the night scene.

Live mannequins in one of the shops called Surfer Girl

We passed by the Bali Bombing Memorial, a monument commemorating those who perished during the 2002 bombing.

The night scene at Kuta

Kuta is definitely the more touristy area as compared to Seminyak. There were so many souvenir shops, tour agencies and tiny massage palours along the streets. The party area was also very happening, despite memories of the bombing still on many people's mind. We walked till the end of Jalan Legian before calling it a day.

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