Thursday, October 28, 2010

My iPhone 3GS and Apps

Yeah, I know I'm extremely slow in this, but I've gotten an iPhone 3GS since July 10, and I'm loving it!

People are already buying iPhone 4G, so why get excited over old stuff?

Well, this is considered a 'gift' from hubby since the last phone I had was my trusted SE K850i three years ago. It is still in good condition although I find myself looking for something more than just a camera phone.

I signed up with the Digi 138 iPhone package which I thought suits me best. I use the iPhone mainly for surfing and checking stuff online (e.g. GPS) and what I like about this plan is that it does not charge you extra after monthly quota is met. Rather, its speed drops down to EDGE.

I won't even go into the details on the iPhone since it's so yesterday, but I honestly thought Apple got it right when it allowed applications (or apps) to be developed and downloaded through iTunes.

To date, I had quite a number of apps, mostly relating to games and photography. I love some of the photography apps I bought, I don't need to buy any funky Lomo or Helga camera anymore!

This app is called Photo Booth. I've always wanted a photobooth effect so I finally got it!

Another app I got was MoreLomo. I love the effect it gives to most pictures, don't need Photoshop anymore! Speaking of Photoshop, I have PS Express on my iPhone as well!

I bought Hipstamatic as well, but still could not get used to it, and the limited exposure options isn't giving me the effect I wanted (I had to pay for additional lenses, which I did not want)

As for games, I'm hopelessly hooked on Angry Bird, Frosting , Bejeweled and Sally's Spa. Now I'm playing The Secret of Monkey Island. Love those retro games!

I guess this phone will keep me entertained for quite some time now :)

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