Washi Tape Project 3 - iPhone Cover

Fact - iPhone accessories are so, so expensive in Malaysia.

It's true! I wanted to get a new iPhone cover but it will cost me at least RM70 for a basic cover, and goes up to the hundreds for nicer ones. I was given a free banana yellow cover by Digi, but it looks a bit...boring after a while.

So I took out my stash of washi tape and applied a few strips onto the cover, using different patterns for variety. Took me a while to mix and match the strips till I'm satisfied.

The end result :

Not only I save money on buying new iPhone covers, I can even now change the pattern as an when I wish. Great idea isn't it?


mygulf said…
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Christine Peh said…
Hi there!
I was google-ing around for where to buy washi tape in KL and found your blog. Just wanted to ask if where you bought your washi tape? I have no idea where to find it locally...!

Thanks so much!

p/s: I like the idea of using the tape on your phone- makes it look so much more unique!!!
n i l e e y said…
Hi Christine, my friend bought it for me from Japan, I can't find it here and those sold in Etsy are quite pricey!

I thought Daiso may have it but I only saw ribbons to date.

Do let me know if you found someone selling it in KL :)
Christine Peh said…
Ah, lucky you!
I knowwww, the prices on Etsy are crazy. It's the shipping that is the killer. Who would have thought that two rolls of tape would cost almost RM 20 to ship?!?! Yeah, I tried Daiso too, but couldn't find any there. :(

Oh well...! I will keep you in mind if I ever stumble on a local supplier :)

Have a great day!
Cheryl Leong said…
i just googled for washi tape and found your blog same as Christine (above)
i bought 6 rolls of washi tape from KLCC, Isetan--- stationary department
but there are only limited choices
there are some in Kinokuniya too

please let me know where to get those once you know :)
Caca said…
love the color combination
Thelma said…
Very clever idea...gonna go home & do this to my iPhone as well!!! Thanks for sharing! ;0)
TrueCharisma said…
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