Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas @ Home

Christmas is not only a time where we reflect and rejoin upon the birth of Jesus Christ, it is also time for our families to get together. This Christmas, we invited our immediate family members over for dinner.

Gifts for the family

This time around, we decided on pot luck. Each family member will bring something along for dinner. We ordered turkey from Lemon Garden, and made spaghetti bolognese. My parents made pie tea and Shepard's pie. My in-laws made pasta aglio olio, fresh vegetable with brinjal dip and mushroom soup. In the end, we had a little too much food on the table! But that's ok, I provided plastic containers too for takeaway :)

Perhaps the most amusing thing that happened was when everyone was here, they head straight to the kitchen for their final preparations. Oka-san was busy blending her lemon-mint drink; Ototo-san and Cindy filling up the pie tea cups; Bro-in-Law heating up the soup, and Mother-In-Law slicing the vegetables for the dip.

BIL busy with the garnishing.

It was a good one hour before we could finally settle down for a good Christmas meal.

What a feast!

To top it off, there's the refreshing lemon mint drink, beer, wine, soft drink and sangria to make this family dinner a jolly one indeed. Ho!Ho!Ho!

I really enjoyed hosting this dinner, though it can be tiring, but so long everyone is happy and full, I'm a happy monkey :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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