Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cooking for Five

Last weekend my parents-in-law came over for dinner. My parents were in Penang hence they could not make it.

As usual, I was stressed out with what to cook, especially with poultry dishes. When I had finally decided with my vegetable, tofu and soup dishes, the chicken dish was still left undecided.

It was only upon my MIL's early arrival which prompted me to ask her for an easy recipe. In the end, we did a simple dish called Honey Sesame Grill Chicken.

Here's my dishes for the day:

Stir fry kailan with oyster sauce

Honey Sesame grill chicken

Stir fry french beans with sea asparagus

Steamed tofu with prawn & mushroom

Lotus root soup

The above is using my MIL's very simple recipe.
Marinade chicken with salt, pepper, honey and oil mixture for 30 minutes.
Pan fry till chicken turns light brown.
Toss some sesame seeds with the chicken.
Serve hot.

This is the first time I steamed the tofu with its ingredients.
Usually the sauce is prepared separately.

I like how the colour mix turned out for this dish.
No scallop but we used sea asparagus :)

I think I cooked a little too much for that day, we ended up having the leftovers for our lunch.

Next personal target - To learn how to estimate correctly. It's usually either too much or too little!

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Lilium said...

Better to have more than less =)
Good job!