Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A New Journey

It began with a hunch in Dec'10, followed by –not one, not two – but four of these tests, before I can confirm this – I am pregnant!

In fact, I'm now at 19 weeks, entering my second trimester. Looking back, how fast time has passed! When I noticed my pants are becoming tighter by the day, it could have not been contributed by all those good food in Pangkor Laut Resort. At the same time, there was a hunch, an intuition, that I may be what I think I am. And hence those test, followed by a visit to our family GP, and I suppose the rest is history in making.

So how does it feel being pregnant? I supposed the feeling is very different during each stage. In the beginning it felt almost surreal, followed by some anxiety and panic. How will my pregnancy be? Will the little one be ok? What should I do, what should I not do? Am i really pregnant? So many questions, yet I have to be subtle as I was following the 3-month silence rule. I only spoke to a few of my closer colleagues to find out more about pregnancy, thankfully they are more than happy to share their experience and even some tips. I got myself a book on pregnancy, downloaded Babycenter app on my iPhone and even surf the internet for more information.

As expected, both my parents and in-laws were ecstatic to hear the news. And I suppose the 3-month rule does not apply to them, because before I knew it apparently both side's relatives and close friends knew about my pregnancy. Sigh. My MIL even started printed out loads and loads of articles from the internet, bind them into a book and pass it to me. While I appreciate the fact she was very concerned, she did went a little too advance by printing out articles on breastfeeding and feeding baby solids and asking me if I have read those. Erm, I'm really taking things one at a time...the little one inside me is less than 3 months old then!

While I'm thankful I do not have morning sickness, my evening nausea can get pretty bad at times, though not to the verge of throwing up. Around 4pm each day, I have to have a meal, be it some buns or fruit or hot soup, else my stomach would be filled with gas and the rest of the evening would be a nightmare for me. Having being diagnosed with potential gestational diabetics from the start did not help too, as it means I have to control my diet very strictly (no ice cream or chocolates or sweet fruits) and exercise regularly.

Some pregnant women had food cravings or aversions, I had mostly the latter. While there was a tendency to eat more fried food, it was more of I can't take anything else, especially food that looked or feels 'mushy' such as soft tofu, oatmeal, porridge. Thankfully soup was my saviour during each meal. If I really could not eat anything, I could at least kick start my appetite by drinking soup.

With the first trimester behind me, I'm glad most of my symptoms are now gone except for the occasional nausea. It seems the second trimester will be the best for all pregnant mothers, really looking forward to that experience!

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Lilium said...

Planning ahead is good..but I agree that your MIL is way too advance. Take one thing at a time. Your motherly instict will come in when the baby arrives and you will know what to do. And always remember, we are the young generation. Not that we don't appreciate the elderly advice but bringing children these days are different from the old days. Just do what you think is best for your child and yourself too.

And hey..if you need any advice, feel free to ask. Everyday is a learning process..but this is much more satisfaction because it's your child at the end of the day =)

Don't worry too much about the pregnancy. Eat healthily and be happy. It helps..really!